About AGH

AGH has been providing integrated security risk management to businesses. We have developed extensive and superior security expertise that allows us to offer our clients cost-effective, no-compromise & total solutions. At AGH we manage risk and neutralise security threats; we protect assets and we protect people. We deal in peace of mind – the peace of mind that allows our clients to run their businesses unrestricted.

Presently, we are dealing in the most advanced state-of-the-art CCTV/Surveillance equipments that are manufactured by world renowned brand manufacturers. We provide customized solutions in the fields of security/surveillance through latest technology to meet any challenges/threats to men & materials.

To our credit, we have our Management Team who is having marketing/sales experience of more than 30 years and for operational support experience of more than 20 years.

After inception of the Company and started the operations, we have been able to supply and install successfully a sizeable amount of our products at a number of our premier customers and have achieved customers’ satisfaction.

AGH provides highly trained certified installers giving you peace of mind knowing that your property has been secured by the BEST!

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  • STRONG INSTALLATION BASE: More than 2.5 Lakh Security & Surveillance Equipment’s / Systems in India & Abroad.
  • AGH TEAM: Highly Professional and Expert engineers having a very vast experience of more than 38 years.
  • FIELD OF EXPERTISE: Design, Development, Manufacturing, Supply, Installation & Maintenance.
  • Products, systems & services: CCTV, Security, Surveillance, ITS & Traffic Enforcement Equipment’s & Systems. Our engineers are continuously trained on the latest state-of-the-art Technology in India and Abroad. To keep pace with the latest technology & trend of security & Surveillance in the global market, we visit exhibitions, displaying latest equipment’s and systems. has complete infrastructure for operations all over India & surrounding countries.


AGH As an independent company, we are not obliged to specify a certain manufacturers’ product to meet any contractual obligations to them, nor to meet annual sales quotas. We design the most cost-effective systems to meet the client’s operations requirement. We are privy to the technical specification of any products from any manufacturer. We have outlined below the foreseen operational arrangements for the successful and efficient execution of integrated projects based on the principle that the entire custom installation and integration package would be designed and managed by AGH The system concept and design would be submitted to our Engineering Manager for the formulation of working drawings and comments; these will then be returned for approval. To this end, our design and supervision team based both on site and at our local office would be supported for the contract period by other members of the team working on the project.

A communication structure will be established, to ensure that the required exchange of information, the proper presentation and regular progress reports are offered on the occasions of the regular site meetings with the project management / consultancy team.

Method Statement

Our design team utilises its understanding of the design process, contract forms, construction procedure, procurement routes and industrial capabilities, to assist design teams in managing the design process through all phases of a project’s life. Our design teams implement management systems reflecting the preferred working method of their clients, protecting their interests while acting as a link with members of the client’s project team and the contractor. With this in mind, we are constantly looking for “Value Engineering” to offer our clients, reducing your costs, without reducing the specification or operating requirements.

We understand that there has been a need to accurately communicate client and designer intentions to those carrying out the installation. We also recognise the need to prepare appropriate specifications reflecting the contractual conditions. We ensure that the project specifications produced are tailored to internationally recognized formats that comply with all relevant national standards. Furthermore, we believe that the project design teams produce specifications that are geared to today’s modern systems requirements, which reflect the aspiration and intent of our client.